What To Do After A Car Accident In Boston

What To Do After A Car Accident In Boston

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The outcome of an accident is a difficult time. If you’ve sustained an injury, you should get medical care and consult a Boston car accident lawyer immediately. Also, you must report the accident to your insurance agency or the police.

An insurer’s decision can affect the insurance settlement you may get from another driver’s insurer or your insurer. It includes determining if you’re responsible for 50% of the accident.

Determining who’s at fault is somewhat a judgment call. It may be affected by working out an agreement with the insurance firm or by charging the firm to court.

In most cases, you may lose unless you have a professional Boston car accident lawyer to support you. After a car accident in Boston, follow these steps to reduce the confusion, stress and to preserve your rights.

  • Pull Over

It’s important to pull over and away from the accident scene. This will minimize the possibility of another accident as this occurs.

  • Call the police

After the crash, call 911 immediately. Tell them where you are so the police can protect accident victims, vehicles, and document the crash. This important step will keep you safe. Taking care of the situation yourself might put you at risk. So make sure you call the police as soon as possible.

  • Share information

As you wait for the authorities to arrive, exchange contact details, insurance information, and license number with the drivers involved in a crash. If the other driver refuses to cooperate, no worries! The police will collect the insurance and license information.

  • Photograph the accident scene

Take pictures of the accident scene, including the car. Watch out for accident damage, skid marks, a broken fence and more. Do so before repairs or the weather erase the important evidence.

  • Report the accident

According to Boston law, you must report an accident crash within 5 days if someone is injured or killed. Also, you must do so if the damage is worth over $1,000.

  • Contact your insurance company

To file a claim with your insurance firm, you must tell them about the accident. You must do this even if the claim doesn’t push through. The moment you start dealing with the insurance firm, don’t say or do things that can be used against you.

While discussing with the insurance company’s representative, state what occurred. But don’t speculate, accept or cast any blame. Also, don’t downplay any damages or injuries to you or your car.

Before accepting any offer or signing any documents, make sure your car accident lawyer reviews it.

A Boston car accident lawyer who manages injury cases will determine if the settlement offer is reasonable. We ask you to contact the law office of Frank Fernandez for help.

We focus on personal injury, criminal defense, and medical malpractice. Also, we have lead trials in both the State and Federal Courts. We offer a free consultation and we can guide you as you file a car accident insurance claim.

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