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Snow, Ice, Fire and Explosion Injuries

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Snow, Ice, Fire and Explosion Injuries

Dangerous winter weather is a common occurrence in the state of Massachusetts—and unfortunately, it can cause many types of injuries to both kids and adults. One of the common causes of injury is a property owner failing to keep his/her grounds safe (clearing of snow and ice), leading to slips and falls.

The Massachusetts Code of Regulations has strict policies in place for property owners. They must keep their property safe at all times, especially in the winter. Staircases and walkways must be cleared of snow and ice to reduce the risk of slips and falls. Even after snow and ice are cleared, it’s important to keep these areas dry afterward, as wet conditions can be just as dangerous. Despite these policies, many property owners fail to maintain safe conditions and can cause serious injury to patrons.

Car accidents are another common incident that can lead to serious injury. Because winter weather can cause unsafe driving conditions, both drivers and road maintenance crews need to be prepared to make the roads as safe as possible. However, this doesn’t always happen. Drivers often forget to clear snow and ice from their cars before driving or have their vehicle properly serviced. Road crews (township, county or state) may do a poor job of clearing snow and ice from roadways. Any of these negligent acts can lead to accidents and injuries.

Fire and Explosion Injuries

Commercial environments are often the site of fires or explosions, resulting in serious injury like burns or disfigurement. In some instances, death can sadly occur due to these accidents. These cases can be complicated and it’s important to understand your rights with the help of a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer.

Dangerous chemicals, dust and fuels can cause fires and explosions in manufacturing plants. Common sites of these accidents are plants such as pharmaceutical, candy, sugar, paper, rubbery, furniture, processed metals, wood, textiles and many more. Although some workplaces may provide warning to employees of the dangers of the work environment, accidents and injuries aren’t always preventable. Fires and explosions continue to be a major concern in the state of Massachusetts. The complexity of these cases requires thorough investigation. Without proper legal help, you may not know what you’re entitled to financially as a victim of a fire or explosion.

Employer negligence can be the reason for your or your family member’s serious injury or death. After a fire or explosion, acts of negligence can include the failure to maintain a clear fire exit or failure to implement an evacuation plan.

Have you or a loved one been the victim of a workplace fire or explosion? You may have a legitimate case to file against an employer. You shouldn’t be held responsible for the damages as a result of these dangerous accidents. The Law Office of Frank Fernandez is experienced in these complex cases and can help you get fairly compensated for pain and suffering.



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