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Construction Accidents

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Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents

Construction is a huge industry throughout the U.S. In any city, including Boston, the number of construction projects going on at any given time is nearly limitless—high rises, apartment complexes, highway additions/improvements, new retail centers, schools, government buildings and much more. Unfortunately, due to the use of heavy equipment/machinery and potentially dangerous chemicals, construction is one of the most dangerous industries for workers or even patrons who happen to be near a construction site.

However, a lot of the accidents that occur that lead to injury, or even death, are preventable. In the state of Massachusetts, if construction companies do not maintain a safe construction site, and someone is harmed as a result, the company can and should be held reliable. This also includes third parties who may be at the site.

Frank Fernandez, Boston personal injury lawyer, can help with your case if you or a loved one have been injured at or near a construction site. Construction companies are required to work under strict safety regulations (state or federal). When a contractor, subcontractor, equipment owner or other person working at the construction site doesn’t adhere to the code, workers and others can be put in danger.

As a Boston personal injury lawyer, attorney Fernandez has handled major construction litigation matters. He was part of a team of attorneys who obtained a 28 Million dollar settlement on behalf of a client who lost his wife due to a ceiling collapse in the big dig tunnel in Boston in 2006. The complex litigation involved several of the largest construction companies in Massachusetts and required experts to perform studies as to the engineering and construction defects which existed in the ceiling which collapsed and crushed to death the client’s wife who was a passenger in his car at the time of the collapse.

Attorney Fernandez is experienced in dealing with the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA) which investigates and regulates the enforcement of the safety laws that need to be followed in different construction and fabrication environments.

Below are some of the common construction accidents/items that can lead to injury or even death:

  1. Dangerous chemicals (asbestos and more)
  2. Defective building materials
  3. Elevator malfunction
  4. Excavation
  5. Failure to follow state and federal regulations
  6. Fire or burn injuries
  7. Heavy equipment such (forklift, crane, saw, etc.)
  8. Lack of safety gear
  9. Poor jobsite training
  10. Poorly maintained equipment
  11. Scaffolding (poorly assembled, manufactured, broken, unsafe)
  12. Slips and falls
  13. Welding

Injuries suffered on a construction site often lead to long-term disability. These injuries can include disfigurement, severed limbs, spinal cord, traumatic brain and internal. After injury, a worker and his/her family may incur major financial expenses and lost wages. Under Massachusetts state law, you can be compensated for these damages. The law also requires construction workers to have workers’ compensation benefits. You and your family should have a Boston personal injury lawyer on your side who knows all of the rights you have after suffering an injury on a construction site.

Construction injury cases can often be complex as numerous parties may be determined to be at fault for the incident. An in-depth investigation is required to determine the reliable parties (contractor, subcontractor, property owner, machinery operator, and more). As the investigation plays out, it’s important that you or your family member seek medical attention immediately.

As you or the family member receives care, the Law Office of Frank Fernandez will be happy to visit at the hospital or the home of the victim to go over eligible rights for both workers’ compensation and personal injury as a result of a construction site accident. We’re experienced in helping the victims and/or their families after a construction site injury or wrongful death occurred. We’ll be on your side the moment you need us and help you receive compensation for damages and pain and suffering as a result of the accident.



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